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San-Flo Cloverleaf Sanitary Seals

The new range of San-flo Cloverleaf Sanitary Split Seals have many advantages over conventional mechanical seals. They are easily removed for inspection and cleaning and have a much longer life.

Our highly effective low-cost seals meet the 3A standards and can be purchased as whole unit (with housing) or simply as replacement seals. These food grade seals avoid the need for springs and make cleaning and inspection as simple as it should be!

·  Low Cost

·  Simple

·  Split Design

·  Pressure to 6 Bar

·  Quick Change – no tools

·  Range of Materials

·  Sanitary Design

·  Comply to 3A standards

·  Retrofits available

Available in a variety of sizes, the San-flo revolutionary cloverleaf seals can be utilized in most Blenders, Feeders and Mixers, and all types of food machinery.

To install the best and latest shaft seals in your new equipment, call us today.

All worksafe documentation can be supplied including design registration and calculations.